Friday, August 31, 2012

Spokane's Amber Alert

Indianapolis Animal Care & Control Director Amber Myers is speaking out to WRTV's Kara Kenney after a firestorm erupted over news that she has been involved in a romantic relationship with her supervisor, former Public Safety Director Frank Straub, who was forced to resign after the City-County Council made clear that it would not approve his reappointment. Myers, like Straub, is sticking to the story that the two never became involved in a romantic relationship until after he announced in April that he would be stepping down by August. Myers subsequently tendered her resignation effective September 15 after news reports revealed her affair with Straub. From WRTV:

"Frank and I were not in a relationship previous to him resigning," said Myers. "So, no, I wasn't given any opportunity that I didn't deserve."
Before she was appointed chief, Myers served as deputy chief under then administrator Teri Kendrick, who left to take a job with the state toxicology department.
"Teri and I came at the same time, and shared a lot of responsibilities and so it was a natural progression for me to step up when she left," said Myers.
Myers said she was appointed months before she started dating Straub.
"I was in my position (as deputy chief) here at Animal Care and Control before Frank came to Indianapolis," said Myers. "I make the exact same salary as the chief before me." 
Myers, who is an attorney, said working in animal control is far from glamorous.
"There wasn't anyone else that was stepping up to take the chief position," said Myers . . .
Myers and Straub may be ready to begin a new life together in Spokane, Washington, but is Spokane going to welcome them? Straub's appointment is still subject to city council approval. An Amber Alert has gone up in the city after news of their affair leaked out, which would have been barred under that city's employment policies. A columnist for the Spokesman Review takes a dim and rather humorous view of the revelation not disclosed during Straub's interview process:

Spokane’s new police chief hasn’t even been sworn in yet and already his administration is under the fog of an Amber Alert.
Amber Myers, that is.
Myers is the fiancee Frank Straub mentioned in his City Hall press conference the other day. And I’m sure she’s a lovely and charming lady.
But she also was the head dogcatcher that Straub supervised in his previous incarnation as director of public safety back in Indianapolis.
OK. Myers’ title was actually chief of Animal Care and Control.
But why quibble over kibbles and bits?
The larger point is that boss/underling relationships are a no-no under the rules of Spokane and a lot of other cities with sane policies on managerial behavior.
Did Straub mention this nugget while being interviewed for the Spokane job?
That would be a NOPE . . .

Anyway, I still can’t fathom that Straub was the best carp we could haul out of the pool of chief candidates.

We all know what happened, of course. From the very beginning it was clear as gin that Spokane Mayor David Condon had handpicked Straub for the job.

Boy mayor met Straub at some meeting. Condon personally invited Straub to apply for our vacated chief’s position.

And guess what?

Straub prevailed despite being a law enforcement panel’s third choice of a group the panel wanted to toss back.

Now comes this hiccup and Condon is predictably rushing to the defense, pointing out that Framber didn’t start until AFTER Straub had submitted his resignation in Indy.

You know, like he just resigned and then thought …

“Hmm, I wonder if that cutie over in animal husbandry whom I’ve never, ever chatted up and is really a complete and utter stranger other than work would marry me?”

Oh, I’m sure everything was on the up and up.
Indianapolis city officials say that the city's current employment policies don't bar romantic relationships between supervisors and employees; however, police sources say that Straub would not have been allowed to supervise Myers if he was a uniformed police officer or firefighter. Apparently the rules to which Straub held members of the police and fire departments don't apply to him. The mayor's office tells WRTV that they are working on a new policy that would apply to all city employees.


CircleCityScribe said...

OK, any one person who believes that she did NOT have a relationship with Frank Straub until he resigned, step up and chime in.

-Outrageous to even assert that! Yeah, right, I "deserved" to be the HEAD of Animal Control....

...and I suppose she thinks that in April she just decided it was time to spend her life with HER BOSS and commit to marriage.

Marycatherine Barton said...

How does Amber define "relationship"?