Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mainstream Media Reveals Identity Of White House Staffer Behind Jill Kelley Visits First Identified By This Blog Six Weeks Ago

Michael Gottlieb
This blog exclusively revealed to you the identity of the White House staffer who invited Tampa Bay socialite Jill Kelley to the White House in the days and weeks prior to this year's election when the White House claimed it still knew nothing about the ongoing investigation of CIA Director David Petraeus' affair with his biographer Paula Broadwell six weeks ago. It wasn't difficult to discover that there was only one White House attorney, Michael Gottlieb, who had mysteriously taken leave of his job at the White House to work in Afghanistan as a civilian attorney during the same period Gen. Petraeus was still in command of our troops there. All of the mainstream news reporters covering the Petraeus scandal ignored this blog's report identifying Gottlieb as the person who invited Kelley to the White House. Politico now reveals Michael Gottlieb's identity based on newly-released White House records without asking further questions about the timing of Kelley's visits to meet with him:

The mystery staffer who invited Tampa socialite Jill Kelley to visit the White House is a special assistant to President Barack Obama and an associate counsel focusing on national security issues.
Mike Gottlieb, who has been with the administration since Obama took office, twice had breakfast with Kelley and her sister in the White House dining hall.
White House officials confirmed last month that Kelley had visited a "mid-level staffer" but declined to name the staffer. Visitor log records released Friday identify Gottlieb.
It's unclear how Gottlieb met Kelley, one of the women at the center of the scandal that led to the resignation of Gen. David Petraeus.
But Kelley frequently socialized with top military brass stationed at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Fla., home to the military’s Central Command and Special Operations Command.
And the Central Command website says Gottlieb was detailed from the White House for a time to a joint interagency task force focusing on detainee operations in Afghanistan. He was in Kabul from January 2010 through March 2011, according to a biography.
Gottlieb, as a White House employee, is allowed to bring guests to dine in the White House mess — basically an employee cafeteria.
The White House was spying on Petraeus at least as far back as the date Gottlieb arrived in Afghanistan under the cover of working as a civilian attorney there.  When will the media call the Obama administration out for covering up its knowledge of his affair with Broadwell long before the date it claimed Obama first learned of it--the day after the election? When will it ask questions about why it concealed such damning information about the nation's top spy until after the election? And when will someone finally figure out who Jill Kelley has really been working for? If this were 1972, Watergate would have been a one-week story that Richard Nixon would have survived.

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