Friday, November 09, 2012

Female Vote Sank Mourdock

According to an AP exit poll of Hoosier voters from Tuesday's election, Joe Donnelly had a 10-point advantage among female voters, 52-42%. The same poll claims that Donnelly would have lost nearly one-fourth of his support if his opponent had been Sen. Richard Lugar instead of Mourdock. In a match-up between Lugar and Donnelly, Lugar led 46-39%, although that margin is much smaller than match-ups between Donnelly and Lugar in polls taken last spring when Mourdock easily defeated him in the Republican primary. If Donnelly had directed the negative attacks he used against Mourdock on Lugar instead, focusing on him being in Washington too long, that result may have been entirely different on Tuesday. In the race for governor, a smaller plurality of women favored John Gregg over Mike Pence. Six in ten voters cited the economy as the most important issue in this election.


guy77money said...

Ahh but sound bites go a long way in a negative campaign and Mourdock committed the ultimate blunder that only true idiots like Bobby Knight would even think of uttering. It cost Mourdock the election and should be a warning shot for all these so called Christian right wing Republicans. What's important to most people during the campaign are good jobs, a sound economy, education and taxes. For God sakes keep your mouth shut on your social agenda until at least after you are elected. It worked for Mike Pence.

Hoosier in the Heartland said...

6No, Mourdock sank Mourdock.

Defeating Lugar may have played well with the Tea Party but it didn't play well with Hoosiers -- of both parties - who were honored to have a man of Lugar's stature as their senator.

They weren't going to send in Bozo the Clown as his replacement -- especially after Mourdock's idiotic commentary on God's Will (as if he had a direct pipeline to the deity).