Monday, December 31, 2012

Former Indianapolis Councilor Arrested After Throwing Drunken Rage At Ruth's Chris

Former Republican Indianapolis City-County Councilor Barbara Malone always had a reputation as a person with a taste for alcohol. According to IndyPolitics, her drinking turned ugly during a recent binge at Ruth's Chris in downtown Indianapolis, leading to her arrest on public intoxication and disorderly conduct charges:
According to an IMPD report, Malone was at Ruth Chris Steakhouse in downtown Indianapolis on December 22 and refused to pay her bill at the bar.
The manager on duty called police when Malone allegedly became belligerent. She reportedly slammed her wine glass against the bar and refused to leave.
She was arrested and taken to the arrestee processing center.
Malone, an attorney, was given a job as an assistant corporation counsel by the Ballard administration following her defeat for re-election. IndyPolitics says she no longer holds that position. Malone was elected as an at-large councilor in 2007. She always voted down the line with the Ballard administration and exhibited no Republican philosophical leanings. A former Democrat, she only ran as a Republican in the 2007 primary after Democrats made it clear to her that she had no future in their party. Malone defeated one of the slated candidates in the primary and rode the anti-tax wave that swept former Mayor Bart Peterson out of office, along with control of the council. Malone was swept out of office in the 2011 municipal election when the Democrats captured all four at-large council seats.

UPDATE: The City of Indianapolis' corporation counsel website still lists (removed as of today) Malone as a member of its staff.

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