Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mosque Debate Comes To Central Indiana

The Star's Bill McLeery guages the reaction in central Indiana to the construction of a mega mosque and Islamic cultural center at Ground Zero in New York City. This issue took on added importance when President Barack Hussein Obama, our nation's first Muslim president, weighed in this past week in support of its construction. Yes, he is Muslim. His grandfather was a Muslim, and his father was a Muslim. That makes him a Muslim by birth, just like a person is considered Jewish if their mother is Jewish regardless of whether the person actively practices the faith. And while Obama joined what he claimed to be a Christian church, in reality the church was run by the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, a follower of the Nation of Islam's Rev. Louis Farrakhan, who preached anti-American, anti-Semitic viewpoints and taught a racist form of black identity ideology to his followers. The church bears no resemblence to Christian churches I've attended. No sooner had Obama endorsed the Ground Zero mosque than he sought to "clarify" his comments. "I was not commenting and I will not comment on the wisdom of making the decision to put a mosque there," he said in response to a reporter's question. "I was commenting very specifically on the right people have that dates back to our founding. That's what our country is about."

"In Central Indiana, strong opinions emerged Saturday over President Barack Obama's defense of Muslims' freedom to build an Islamic complex near Ground Zero in New York City," McLeery writes. I've made no bones about my opposition to it. I believe the selection of this particular site so close to the site of the former World Trade Center that the engines of one of the planes flown into the buildings by Islamic extremsists landed on the rooftop of the building is only being erected there as a symbol of Islam's efforts to conquer and convert America to an Islamic republic. One of Indianapolis' most popular radio talk show hosts, Greg Garrison, who is also a prominent attorney, has spoken in opposition to it as well as McLeery writes:

Obama "makes it ever so painfully clear that he has a spiritual soft spot for Islam," Greg Garrison, a local radio talk show host, said from his home in Hamilton County. "It's one of many things that impedes him and disables him from being able to represent the United States of America. This is a Judeo-Christian country, and the problem the left has is that they're not comfortable with that."

The president had not yet made his comments when Garrison was last on the air on WIBC-FM (93.1), but he expects the story to be a hot topic among listeners this week.

Garrison agreed that the Islamic group has the legal right to build a mosque on its own property -- but he hopes U.S. citizens will exert pressure aimed at influencing Muslim leaders to find a different location.

"Religious freedom is one thing, but that is a thumb in the eye of America and an insult and indignation to all those who died in the (World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001)," Garrison said. "He (Obama) has to know that."

Any student of history should know the true nature of Islam. It is not just a mere religion; it is an ideology not unlike communism. The goal of those who practice this faith is not to simply co-exist and practice their religion along side other religious faiths. Muslims have always and continue to seek to conquer, convert and destroy any persons of differing religious faiths. Unfortunately, too many Christians and Jews in this country and the western world have been completely bamboozled by people of the faith who try to tell us it is a religion of peace and that most Muslims are moderates. McLeery gives us a perfect example of that view in his story today. "The more you incorporate them into the community, the less likely it is that they will become radicalized or engage in criminal activity," Joe Wohlhieter, 27-year-old public relations specialist told McLeery. "This place will be more than a mosque. It will be a community center for Muslim youth in lower Manhattan."

Tom Rose, a former publisher of the Jerusalem Post understands too well what Islam is all about. "There is nothing religious about this location," said Tom Rose, 48, a devout Jew. "It's an act of political triumphalism." "It is in effect a victory mosque" celebrating the deaths of 3,000 people in the Sept. 11 attacks." There is much truth to what Rose is saying. Notwithstanding the mainstream media's attempt to portray the imam behind the Ground Zero mosque as a moderate, he is not. Feisal Abdul Rauf, the imam behind the mosque's construction, actually blamed U.S. foreign policy for the attacks on 9/11. In a book he has written, he openly advocates for Sharia law, which would strip Americans of many freedoms we enjoy under our constitutional republic, including the freedom of speech and basic fairness in criminal proceedings. He unabashedly supports the Islamic terrorist group Hamas. Unbelievably, our own State Department is employing Rauf as an emissary for our country to the Middle East. During these taxpayer-paid missions, he is raising funds for the construction of the mosque at Ground Zero.  
Ironically, freedom of religion or religious toleration is the hat on which Muslims hang their hat every time to respond to criticism of its religion and their efforts to promote the Islamization of America. Yet at the same time, they are advocating dawa and jihad on our country. Robert Spencer, an expert on Islamic studies explains the meaning of dawa and jihad:
“Dawa is Islamic proselytizing and in Islamic law dawa precedes jihad. You call the nonbelievers to Islam. And if they refuse to accept it, then you initiate a jihad against them. But the whole goal of both dawa and jihad is to impose Islamic law or sharia upon the nonbelievers as a political system, not as a religious one.”

My friend and fellow blogger, Debbie Schlussel, gives a perfect example of how Islam is creeping into every fabric of our lives here in America. In Dearborn, Michigan, where a large Muslim population lives, a public high school actually schedules its football practice around the celebration of Ramadan. As she points out, the ACLU steps in whenever a public school tries to endorse Christianity or Judaism through prayer at official school functions, but ignores it when religious endorsement of Islam is made by a public school. In Dearborn, football practice is scheduled at midnight to accommodate Ramadan and team members, including non-Mulsims, are forced to accept Muslim prayers and the ACLU is nowhere to be found. When Muslims speak of religious freedom, they really mean they want to be free to impose their religious views on us. And we see this all around.

The efforts to build the mosque at Ground Zero is called the Cordoba Initiative, which has a special meaning to Muslims. The name Cordoba was chosen because it was once a great city in Spain during a period when Muslims conquered and ruled that part of the world. Spain's rich cultural identity was lost almost entirely during the tyrranical rule of Islam. As historians know, there was no tolerance or harmony exhibited towards non-Muslims during 800 years of Islamic rule in Spain. "What is irrefutable is that living under Islam, the non-Muslim population was always mandated to submit to Islam, accept discriminatory laws, and make payment of a mandatory Quranic tax imposed upon every non-Muslim," writes Shelomo Alfassa at Isreal Jewish News.

As the old saying goes, those who fail to learn from the lessons of history are condemned to repeat it. If Americans are foolish enough to believe the spread of Islam in the U.S. is entirely a peaceful, religious mission, then we will suffer the same horrific fate that has befallen other parts of the world ravaged by this intolerant and violent ideology. Quite simply, our U.S. Constitution is entirely incompatible with their political ideology. This isn't a debate about religion. It is a debate about protecting basic individual freedoms.


Cato said...

Come on. Muslim is a religion, not a race. Ditto Jewish.

The Jews have cleverly cast themselves by alternatively claiming they're a race, a religion or a culture. When one of those classifications is barred from a discussion or is fair game to be criticized, they retreat to another classification and either stay in the discussion or inoculate themselves from criticism.

Bill Maher is a sterling example of an atheist who gets to stay on the good side of Hollywood execs by retaining loyalty to cultural Jews while coming nowhere near a temple. He's still "on the team," as it were.

John said...

So let's be clear:

This is a mosque two blocks from the World Trade Center. It's on private property and there's no legal basis for stopping it from being built.

It's reasonable to argue that it's insensitive - even provocative... but that's as far as I can go.

I'm surprised that conservatives aren't arguing for property rights, freedom of religion and adherence to the constitution... or is that just for guns?

There is this problem that comes from equal rights, freedom and other things that this country stands for - that separates us from other countries -- and that is that you have to give equal rights to people and groups that you don't like. The President has the responsibility to uphold the constitution... and it seems to me that's exactly what he did.

If we got to pick and choose who gets protection under our Constitution, Beck, Rush Limbaugh and the Westboro Baptist Church would all be rotting in jail right now.

We seem to have lost sight of the understanding that democracy and a constitutional government doesn't equal mob rule. Seems that the folks in California have just gotten a similar lesson.

As for your misguided religious rantings: I'm not interested in a religious war. After all, that was the point of the 9/11 attacks - a global religious war-- wasn't it?

How has that gone for Israel or Ireland for that matter.

dcrutch said...

If extremists of Lutherans, or Hindus, or Orthodox Jews had routine global intolerance of other religions or violence towards women, the outrage would be unrelenting and justified.

Why do we uphold this double standard regarding the extremes of Islam? If this is the price to be paid soley because of the lack of a formal Palestian state? Then, I wish the vast majority of non-violent Muslims would make that emphatic and unrelenting. But instead, we're told over and over that Islam is a religion of peace. If so, even if we overlook the contemporary history of Lockerbie, Spain, London, Indonesia, New York, and Fort Worth- what peaceful coexistence is estanblished by seeking a mosque at the site where your extremists killed 3,000 a decade ago?

The question is do we, not based on any country, continent, or policital party- do we or do we not stand for religious freedom of choice, protecting women, and not killing civilians? It appears the global answer is "Yes"- until we start talking about contemporary Islam....

Advance Indiana said...

You're preaching to the wrong person, John. I've spoken out repeatedly against Christian extremists in this country who seek to impose their religion on the rest of us. My problem is that people don't seem to think these rules apply to Muslims. Oh, your public schools must make our religious holidays school holidays. You must install footbaths in your restrooms so we can follow our religious rituals. You must let our women wear burkas while they are working and not force them to remove them when their picture is being taken for a government issued ID, or ask them to remove them so they can be identified like the rest of us. Yes, I have to remove my Chicago Cubs cap when going through airport security, but it's okay for Muslim women to walk right through security without removing their burkas so they can be properly identified because they would find that offensive. Who cares if it's some terrorist hiding under that burka that may be a man and not even be a woman or the person shown on their government issued ID. We cannot offend the Muslims. Have you ever watched a board of zonings hearing in Indianapolis and watched as neighborhoods fought churches from being located in their neigbhorhoods because of the increased traffic problems associated with church services? And ask yourself, how many Muslims are there in lower Manhattan? Give me a break. They know that area is heavily populated by Jews who work in the Wall Street district. Build the mosque closer to where the Muslims live in NYC and there wouldn't be any objections raised. Don't take us for fools and make this out to be a case of religious freedom. Nobody is telling them they can't build a mosque; they just question the sensitivity in building a mosque at the site of the most horrific terrorist attack by Muslim extremists in American history.

Cato said...

Ireland was never in a religious war, John. Since the entire island was Catholic, as once was England, it was just pretty easy to pick out the trespassers with a religious quiz.

Still is.

Cato said...

Dcrutch, Islam is a religion of peace in the same way that Judaism was. Read the Old Testament. There was only peace when the god of a competing tribe was vanquished by the Jews, or vice-versa. Jehovah was merely one of many tribal gods. This particular god became popularized by Christians using the cultural reach of the Roman Empire.

That entire area has always been a savage people looking to convert the other. Ironically, there's more ancient Jewish blood in the Palestinians than there is in the Jews. The Jews of today have little blood lineage to the diaspora Jews, as they came from Europe and Armenia.

dcrutch said...

Cato- This doesn't fill me with optimism of a modern Islamic "coexistence". The definite impression I have of America and other countries in the modern context is that "peaceful religion" means religions getting along with each other in the same place. Granted there are trips and stutters like footbaths and public prayer, but falling skyscrapers, blown-up airliners, and nutcases blasting away civilians doesn't strike me as a serious attempt at "coexistence". Nor does a "peaceful" building erected near the site of the vanquishing of thousands of your perceived enemy.

If you're saying that's historically standard "peaceful" procedure in the Middle East, particularly in Israel, Palestine, or whatever you want to call that chunk of land- no disagreement. I'd guess zero chance of peace, but a slim one if they can ever have 2-3 generations of quiet in a two-state solution.

I never thought Ireland would settle down either.

Marycatherine Barton said...

Cato, thanks for your remarks. You are a gentleman and a scholar.

Gary, if Jesus did have a child with the Mary Magdalene of the Gospels of Jesus Christ, as you say you believe, their bloodline would more likely be carried by the people of Palestine considered Arabs, who are being ethnically cleansed, than by those there who call themselves Jews, the vast majority of who come from a tribe that converted while living in the area generally now called Georgia, and they are called Ashkenazim. The next largest percentage, are Sephardic.

Dr. Oz of television fame, announced that he found after a genetic test done by the Professor White, that his were both Arab and Jew, and that Jewish is a way of thinking. Check out what Prof. James Fetzer says, of, at, when interviewed by Catholic, Mark Glenn, posted 8/11/10.